#45+ Best Birthday Status Wishes for Sister

I know it is very important to Wish birthday to sister. But if you don’t know which status suits you best then you can find out here. Here is lots of Happy Birthday Sister wishes status. You can easily able to get your status which you were looking for.

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No matter how much time you and your sister fights but, you will find out that love is in that fight. If you guys will not fight then it’s not possible that you both love each other. By wishing Happy birthday to your sister, they will also know that you care about them.

Best Birthday Status for Sister (Quotes, Message, Greetings, Wishes)

Happy birthday dear sister, you have made my life wonderful.

I still remember when you were small and I always wanted to beat you, I don’t know why 😀 Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my lovely sister, I know you had some problem with me, but still you love me.

We always had some great pillow fight, I still remember them, happy birthday to my sis,

Thanks for being in my life and supporting me in Ups and downs, I just wish everyone should get sister like you. Happy birthday sis

You are the cutest sister, and you always make me laugh by your cute things.

Honestly, you are the entertainment of my life, please don’t get it wrong, happy birthday

When you had problems in your life, then I became superhero for your problems and solved like they are never a problem for you, You can’t get brother like me sis, happy birthday

You are the first sister who likes playing video games, that’s why you are the best sister for me. Happy birthday

I had some great time with you sis, now you are going to married I hope you will be happy there. Happy birthday

You are the superwoman of my life, you have always saved me from many dangerous situations, Thanks for all of those things, Happy birthday sister

You teach me lots of things sis, I really need you please teach me more as I am growing. Happy birthday sister.

You are very smart my sister, you are savior for me. Please save for future as well. Happy birthday

I hope you will enjoy this day as full as you can, so that you can forget every fight between us. Happy birthday sis,

I nearly forgot your birthday but thanks to mom who remind me about your birthday, happy birthday sis

You are short, cute, lovely and my sister as well, please put smile on your face all day, happy birthday sis

I am your brother sis, give me some cake and cold drinks, but I don’t have birthday gift for you. I can only wish you happy birthday sis,

Imagine you are married and I need you after your marriage then will you help me at that time? I know you will, happy birthday sis.

I miss you sister, when you will come back home so that we can celebrate your birthday together. Happy birthday

I wish I also have brain like you, you are intelligent at almost everything, happy birthday to such genius sister

You are very far from us, I just want to give you hug, and wish you happy birthday.

I hope you will enjoy this day and make this day more memorable. Happy birthday sister

You are the happiest person I have ever seen, how can you able to be happy all the time sis, give me tips as well, BTW happy birthday

You are like my bestie, I hope we will always be bestie till we die, happy birthday sis

I just like funny, loving, caring, sister just like you, Please don’t change yourself, happy birthday

You made life more adventurous, thanks for being always there for me, Happy birthday sister.

Lets play video games all day sister, I know you like playing video games, happy birthday to gamer sister

You are my everything sister, please forgive me for each wrong things I did, happy birthday

We are growing older and realizing that after sometimes, we will need live in different areas, I hope you will remember me at that time. Happy birthday

You still look young sister, tell me the formula as well, happy birthday

Lets celebrate this awesome day, by going for some restaurant but I will not pay bills :D, Happy birthday

You have made my life too much colorful, Now I can play video games with some amazing graphics. Happy birthday

I have seen many boys are just trying to impress you sis, but I will let you know who is the best for you 😉 happy birthday

Sister, you are the one from where I get inspiration of my work. Thank you for supporting me. Happy birthday sis

I just wish that you get world’s best bf and he will make you happy, happy birthday

Your bf didn’t remember your birthday I just remind him, take class of him now 😀 happy birthday

This is the big day of your life sis, lets change for something good, happy birthday

I think you are busy in enjoying birthday with your friends, but you forgot your brother sis, I hope you will celebrate your birthday with family members as well. Happy birthday

My blessings are always with you sis, be strong and change everything, which you don’t like. Happy birthday

I just purchased a good perfume for you sis, I think you need that more than me, 😀 happy birthday

Birthday Wishes for Sister + Status

Wish you a very happy birthday my dear sister. Thank you for everything you always do for me.

I am so lucky to have you in my life as my sister and my friend. Happy birthday, sis.

You are the best sister as you always understand me and guides me. I love you the most. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday my sweet and beautiful sister. May you get everything in your life that you wish for.

Thanks for being there with me always and being so supportive. Happy birthday to my lovely sister.

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Happy Birthday Sister

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