#40+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend GF Status (Quotes, Greetings, Messages)

It will be the most beautiful day for you because its birthday for your girlfriend. This is the time where you can show your love towards her. For that I have come up with the best birthday wishes for all type of girlfriends.

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You can organize a surprise birthday for her, lets ignore her on her birthday and give her a big surprise. She will love to know that you have organized everything. You can find out best birthday Quotes or status for your girlfriend.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend GF (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages)


I love you my baby, happy birthday to you lets enjoy this day more and more,

When I first saw you then I decided you are the one and after some of the hard work you said yes to me, ๐Ÿ˜€ happy birthday dear

Thanks for being in my life gf, Now I am alive each and every second, happy birthday

On your special day, I am going to give you biggest surprise of all time, be ready, BTW happy birthday gf

Whenever, I see you my all problems, wash away within couple of seconds, is this miracle honey? Happy birthday

You are more beautiful than moon baby, I really love you from bottom of my heart, happy birthday gf

I will give you lots of hugs and kisses on your birthday, happy birthday girlfriend

Forget all of those bad happenings in life baby, I will always help you happy birthday

You are like my sun, who always come and makes my life bright every time, happy birthday

We had some of the good times, lets remember them and celebrate your birthday together, happy birthday gf

You really helped me to become a better person, thank you for being in my life happy birthday gf

You are the special girl of mine, please never ever leave me, because you are mine and I am your, BTW happy birthday gf

You changed my lifestyle, I thank to god that he send you for me, happy birthday

Your eyes, looks like a big ocean and I want to dive there, ๐Ÿ˜€ happy birthday gf

I just want to tell you that I want to grow old with you, will you? Happy birthday gf

This is special day for both of us, we will make this day more beautiful by celebrating it very hard, happy birthday

You are my sweet heart and I will never ever break that sweet heat, happy birthday to my sweet heart

As birthdays are coming, you are becoming more older and wise, but you will always look younger for me, ๐Ÿ˜€ happy birthday gf

My friends get jealous because I got most beautiful gf, thank you for making my world more exciting place, happy birthday

I just want to be with you 24 x 7 no matter what I will need to invest, happy birthday

I hope you will get more happiness this year and donโ€™t forget to spread that happiness with us as well, happy birthday

I was not wake up early in morning, but because of you now I can wake up early in morning just to see you doing exercise ๐Ÿ˜€ happy birthday

Earth is round and our love is also round that will never end but keep on growing affection, happy birthday gf

This life became more beautiful just because you came in my life, happy birthday to my life changer

Lets make this year more beautiful and exciting place, happy birthday

I got what you were looking in mall gf, but keep on thinking as it is surprise gift for you, happy birthday

You are the first girl I have found who love to play video games, our chemistry will rock this city baby, happy birthday

You are like diamond for me then why should I gift you jewelry ๐Ÿ˜€ happy birthday gf

I love you so much my honey and I will taste you like honey as well, happy birthday dear

Today is your birthday and you are not excited but why, letโ€™s make this day more excited happy birthday

I know you love chocolates more than jewelry thatโ€™s why I bought you loads of chocolates only for you, happy birthday

You helped me in my ups and downs that means you will be my wife as well, happy birthday girlfriend

You are like my whole world, I will be yours forever gf, but donโ€™t leave me alone, happy birthday gf

You are strong as hell, please make me strong as well, because life is beating me as hell, ๐Ÿ˜€ happy birthday girlfriend

You are like light for me, you came and all the darkness gone, thanks for making my life bright and beautiful, happy birthday gf

Most of the people say that I am attracted to you, but they forget that all love starts from attraction, happy birthday

Lets celebrate this awesome day and forget all past bad happening happy birthday

You gave me direction to change everything in my life, thanks gf and I will also support you on everything, happy birthday

You are crazy, funny, loving, caring, romantic all the qualities are in you, that means you are multi talented, happy birthday

Please never ever do break up with me, because I will not able to live without you, happy birthday dear,

Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Wish you a very happy birthday my life. I am nothing without you my love. Lucky to have you as my girlfriend.

Thanks for being there with me always and understanding me. I promise to be there for you always my gf. Happy birthday to you my love.

We may fight and argue but we’ll never leave no matter what. I love you my life my gf. Happy birthday..

I hope to turn this relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend into something more precious. I love you the most my gf. Happy birthday love.

Happy birthday to you my love. I cannot imagine my life without you. I wish that we both stay together forever.


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#40+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend GF Status (Quotes, Greetings, Messages) 1
#40+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend GF Status (Quotes, Greetings, Messages) 2
#40+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend GF Status (Quotes, Greetings, Messages) 3
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