#40+ Best Happy 16th Birthday Status Wishes

16th Birthday is a memorable birthday for anyone. But if you want to make memorable birthday then you can do lots of fun which you have not done before. Well, don’t go in the wrong direction just be adventures, go on adventures ride with a couple of your best friends. It will be a memorable birthday for you.

If you know someone who has 16th birthday and you want to wish birthday wishes for 16th age. That’s why I came with best happy birthday wishes for 16th year age groups.

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Best Happy 16th Birthday Wishes (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages)

Now you turned 16, I will suggest you something, don’t go in wrong direction like drinking alcohol, making bad friends after all its your life, so take care happy birthday

You are in 16 age now, you will have to do lots of things, keep updated, happy birthday

Don’t misuse your freedom, use freedom in good manner like enjoying, happy birthday

You were very small, when I saw you first time, now you are at 16, time is very fast you know, happy birthday

Enjoy 16th birthday at its best buddy, don’t compromise on anything get everything done, happy birthday

Sixteen is the biggest achievement of life, but make sure to utilize it in perfect manner, happy birthday

Play hard, Do things hard, do everything this is the time buddy happy birthday

I hope you will achieve everything in your life, happy birthday

This world is very nasty but take a decision that you will take good stand in this nasty world. Happy birthday

Change is good you know and this change will help you to grow, happy birthday

Your parents are so proud on you that you are in 16th age club, happy birthday

Congratulation you came to our 16th club, and very best happy birthday.

I hope you will enjoy your 16th birthday rather than thinking what should be done on your birthday.

This world is waiting for you buddy, keep stand tall and make every one proud happy birthday

Lets celebrate this sweet birthday with you, happy birthday

You are the driver of your life, so drive carefully but enjoy the driving as well, happy birthday

Every moment is caught on camera so do crazy things, so that you can see yourself later how funny you were, happy birthday

Take a big leap toward this world buddy and do good things, happy birthday

Have fun, because you are the funniest kid I have ever seen, happy birthday

You are the reason that I smile everyday, don’t change yourself, it doesn’t matter that you are growing older, happy birthday

It is the perfect time to get GF buddy, otherwise you will be far away by getting gf, happy birthday

I hope that you enjoy hard and party hard, so that we could be happy to see you, happy birthday

This is your day, don’t give this day to any of the bad things, celebrate as much as you can. Happy birthday

You are the youngest girl in our batch, congrats that you became 16th today, happy birthday

This is the next level of teen, so congrats you level up now, beat that 16 and come to 17, happy birthday

It is easy to enjoy and party hard, but it is really hard to clean everything up, 😀 happy birthday

My good wishes are always with you, so don’t loose faith, happy birthday

Now, you can do lots of things buddy after all its 16th birthday, happy birthday

You are in great stage and I think you should make this stage more memorable as you can, happy birthday

Be kind, don’t hurt anyone heart, because it is good to understand everyone, I hope you get it what I am saying, happy birthday

You will get loads of gift, but don’t forget to invite me when you open your gifts, 😀 happy birthday

Lets make this day more memorable than you think, happy birthday

From now I will not send you candy crush requests, 😀 that’s your birthday gift, happy birthday

I hope you achieve everything in your life, and make most of it, happy birthday dear

This is starting dear, I hope you will go far and far so that we have to see you from telescope, 😀 happy birthday

Forget every past bad happening and start your new 16th age of life, the new era waiting for you , happy birthday

Maturity is when you hit 16th birthday, 😀 happy birthday

This is cool kid, now you are 16th, its time to get sweat and enjoy lots of time together in swimming pool. Happy birthday

I hope you already have got ambition in your life, if not, then this is the perfect time. Happy birthday

Everyone is waiting to give you lots of gifts dude, happy birthday

Happy 16th Birthday Wishes

Wish you a very happy sweet sixteen birthday dear. Enjoy your day and have fun.

Happy sweet sixteen birthday my lovely princess. You are turning into a beautiful girl day by day. I wish you all the best for the experiences that your life is waiting for.

Being a teenager is complicated but the best is that you get to celebrate your sweet sixteen birthday the way you want to. Happy birthday dear.

Wish you a happy and successful life  ahead with full of memories. Happy 16th birthday dear.

As you grow in your life you will leave behind people but not their memories. So make every birthday of yours memorable. Happy 16th birthday dear.

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