#45+ Best Happy Birthday Son Wishes

Its the birthday of your Son and you want to give him the best birthday wish. That’s why I came with Best happy birthday Wishes for Son. You can able to choose any of them, and wish your Son a very happy birthday.

You can select other relations from here as well.

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So, that’s the fact you are here and want to select the best birthday wishes. For your Son’s birthday, I will suggest you go to an exciting place or adventurous place with your son. He will surely be happy with this adventurous ride, you can buy him some of his favorite food for him.

It doesn’t mean if your kid is adopted or your own son, you should make his day special. If your son is 5th/6th/7th/9th/8th/10th birthday then these birthday messages are going to be the best for greeting cards. Most of the times mom and dad of son are very happy when they celebrate their birthday than their son. We also have grandson birthday wishes, so that you can wish them as well.

Best Happy Birthday Son Wishes (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages)

Happy birthday son, you are one of the best kid in the world,

Today I will give you whatever you need son, tell me what you need BTW happy birthday to my cute son

This is the special day son, happy birthday and do fun as much as you can,

You are full of energy son, I don’t know from where you get all of those, but I know these energy are given by me, 😀 happy birthday

Make this day unforgettable day son, happy birthday

I am with you to make this day memorable, but promise me you will not beat your sister again, 😀 happy birthday

You are growing son at very fast speed hold down son, because these days will never come again, happy birthday son

I am lucky as hell that I got amazing and fun loving kid in my family, happy birthday to my little champ

You are improving yourself in class, I am very happy to see you son, happy birthday

I just want to see you happy my son, keep smiling like this happy birthday

I know you are handsome and most of the girls start wanting you, but don’t give them chance 😀 happy birthday

Do you know what we love each other and that is called unconditional love, happy birthday dear son

You are wonderful kid, I hope you will not do stupid things again, but do more stupid things this birthday 😀 happy birthday

This Year is waiting for you my kid, don’t be afraid to cross that year too, happy birthday

Whenever, I see you son, I get automatic smile on my face, I don’t know how, but it always happens. Happy birthday son

Lets do lots of fun this birthday son and eat lots of junk food together, happy birthday

I know you will become rich one day and make me proud as well, happy birthday son

Don’t think about your grades, just think about your career that’s it, happy birthday

You are my little buddy, I hope you will be happy to know that I got surprise gift for you, happy birthday

Now, I candle has been increased in your cake, 😀 happy birthday son

Dear son, forget all those bad happenings in past and lets make your future better, happy birthday son

Whenever I see you happy, after that my all angriness disappear within seconds, happy birthday to such kid

You really make my life wonderful and colorful since your birth, happy birthday son

Lets play lots of video games together son, this is your day and make it more memorable as you can, happy birthday

You are growing now, I am 100% sure that you like any of the girl in your class, could you tell me about her? Happy birthday son

My life without you is nothing son, so never ever leave me alone, happy birthday son

I hope you will get lots of success in upcoming year, happy birthday son

It does not matter how long you will go from me, but you will always remain in my heart, happy birthday

You are one of the smart kid in our town and you make me proud every moment, happy birthday son

I will always be with you, no matter how much worse condition you get, happy birthday son

I hope that you will get what you dream about, happy birthday

As you are growing up, don’t forget your responsibilities as son, happy birthday son

We had some great time son, but now you spend more time with your friends, I hope you will celebrate your birthday with us, happy birthday

I know your facebook wall is full of your birthday wishes, it indicated that how much people love you, happy birthday son

Have a wonderful journey dear son, I hope you will get lots of money. Happy birthday son

All I can say is that you are the wisest son, thanks to you for making us proud every moment, happy birthday

Life is full of strange incidents, but beware about some of the bad guys in your class, happy birthday son

Bad experiences will teach you how to live life, but don’t be upset when you have bad experience, learn from it, happy birthday son

You came in my life, you changed everything, now me and your mom don’t fight for small problems, thanks for making my life beautiful son, happy birthday

I just want to wish you that you will be rich one day and make us proud everywhere, happy birthday beloved son

Happy Birthday Son Wishes

I feel lucky to have you as my son and i am so proud of you my dear.Wish you a very happy birthday.

You may grow by age but will always remain my sweet and little boy. I will always love you my son.Happy birthday

Thanks for letting me be your best friend at this time in the world son. I will always be there for you no matter what. Happy birthday.

Wish you a very happy birthday my dear son. May god brings all the happiness and success in your life.

I cannot imagine my life without you my son. You are not only my child but my world. I love you a lot my dear. Happy birthday.

I hope you always remain my sweet little boy who always respects his elders. May this and coming all your birthdays bring happiness and joy in your life. Happy birthday dear…


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I hope you got what you were looking for, apart from that you can share it with your friends. So, that they can also be able to wish their Son a happy birthday. If you are having some of the cool birthday wishes for Son, then you can comment below I will love to read them.

I know you love your loved ones that's why you are searching for best wishes. I am sure you got your favorite wishes to send your loved. Please don't forget to share these wishes with your friends and families.

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