45+ Best Happy Birthday Niece Wishes (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages)

So, You are aunt or uncle and wants to wish your niece a best birthday status or quotes. Well, don’t worry you are at right place I will give you one of the best birthday wishes for niece. There are lot of ways to wish your niece and I have shortlisted some of the best birthday wishes for your niece only.

I think you should give a special gift and write any of the below quotes to make him or her feel happy. This is the time to win heart of your niece and make them on your side if they wont support you.

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Best Happy Birthday Niece Images

45+ Best Happy Birthday Niece Wishes (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages) 1 45+ Best Happy Birthday Niece Wishes (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages) 2 45+ Best Happy Birthday Niece Wishes (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages) 3 Happy Birthday Niece Wishes

Best Happy Birthday Niece Wishes (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages)

  • Happy birthday niece, you are the great kid, keep smiling always,

  • Niece, you are the one who is my most favorite kid of all time, keep up the good work, happy birthday

  • Keep having fun in your life, don’t be afraid to take big decisions on your own, happy birthday

  • I hope you get lots of joy and prosperity on your birthday, happy birthday

  • Always be happy niece, but don’t trouble your mother, happy birthday

  • You are the funniest niece, you always make me smile every time I met you dear, happy birthday

  • I am so proud of you niece, keep doing hard work and make us proud every moment, happy birthday

  • I wish that you become more strong and brave from this year, happy birthday dear

  • Whenever I see you automatically I get smile on my face, that’s the power of you Niece, happy birthday

  • You are becoming smarter day by day niece, I hope you will keep going like this, happy birthday

  • You are like my childhood friend Niece, lets enjoy our friendship birthday as well, when you came this world, you became my friend J happy birthday

  • I wish that you will become one of the best Niece and nice person as well, 😀 happy birthday

  • As time changing very fast, you are growing older but don’t forget me niece when you will become rich, happy birthday

  • This is your day niece, enjoy it as much as you can, happy birthday

  • Forget all past bad happenings niece, lets focus on future, happy birthday

  • My eyes always wants to see your face, please don’t go away from me niece, happy birthday

  • Niece, you are in my heart and always be with me, happy birthday

  • Look I am your best Aunt, so do me favor that you will always be my side, happy birthday niece

  • I really had some of the great time with you my niece, I just want to give you a big thank, just because of you I smiled lots of time, happy birthday

  • Its time to change something for better niece, don’t go for wrong things, but enjoy hard for good things, happy birthday

  • This is your day and define your day by doing the craziest things you have ever done, happy birthday

  • Nothing is good than your smile on your face, happy birthday niece keep smiling

  • I know I am not in your age group but I know the mentality of funny things, as well, lets celebrate your birthday by doing funny things together happy birthday

  • Never feel alone niece, whenever you need me I will always by your side happy birthday

  • Lets forget all those bad happenings, which you have got you and enjoy this day. Happy birthday niece

  • You are the dreamer kid, don’t stop dreaming because one day your dream will come true, happy birthday niece

  • If you feel lonely, then don’t forget me and God will always there for you, just hit me up whenever you need me, happy birthday

  • I know you are very far from me, but you will always be in my heart, happy birthday dear

  • You are the most cute, funny, adventurous niece, happy birthday niece

  • Happy birthday nephew, lets do party hard and make this day memorable for you,

  • I love you my nephew, happy birthday to such great kid, I hope you will become rich one day,

  • You are my niece, now I can say to anyone with proud, happy birthday

  • When you were born, I got super excited to you, now you are big enough to take responsibility. Happy birthday dear

  • This party is going to be the best party of all time niece, start enjoying from now, happy birthday

  • I am so lucky that I got best niece like you, happy birthday

  • Nephew, happy birthday Now you become man now, I hope you will not forget me,

  • You are did lots of crazy things, now I just want to do crazy things with you niece, happy birthday

  • Now you are looking smart enough to get beautiful GF, 😀 happy birthday to big niece now

  • You are more likely as my friend then you are like as my son, I am confused. Could you help me out? BTW happy birthday 😀

  • Lets party hard, hit buttons hard and remember this day happy birthday.

    Happy Birthday Niece Wishes

  • Happy birthday to my niece. You bring happiness and joy to those around you. Have the happiest birthday ever.
  • Happy birthday to my special niece. You are a gift to the world and to our family. Enjoy your day.
  • To my fabulous niece, wish you a very happy birthday.You are the most wonderful person.
  • May all your dreams come true and live a long and happy life. Happy birthday my sweet niece.
  • Happy birthday to the most amazing niece ever. May you get everything you deserve and every happiness in your coming years of your life..

I hope you got what were looking for, its time to share it with your friends and so that they can also able to wish their Niece a very good happy birthday, if you have more good quotes then you can share that it in comments below.


I know you love your loved ones that's why you are searching for best wishes. I am sure you got your favorite wishes to send your loved. Please don't forget to share these wishes with your friends and families.

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