#40+ Best Happy Birthday Doctor Status Wishes

Its your doctor’s birthday and you want to wish him or her a very happy birthday with good and funny wishes that’s why I came with other quotes only dedicated for doctors. You will get all birthday wishes for doctors, select any from below and wish them a very happy birthday. Because doctor don’t need gift, because they already have lots of gifts so I will suggest you to do something different on their birthday.

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Best Happy Birthday Doctor Wishes (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages)

You are my God Doctor, You are the savior Thank you for always there for me, happy birthday

God should learn from doctor actually god don’t come to protect us but doctor come first to protect us, happy birthday doctor

Doctors are the reason that I am perfectly able to run without any problems, happy birthday

You changed my life doctor keep doing this awesome job, happy birthday

This is your day doctor enjoy and take some break from hospital, happy birthday

You know what doctors are the one who will heal you from any type of illness, happy birthday dear

Your decision to become doctor is literally good, I salute you, happy birthday

I know you saved lots of lives within this time, God bless you doctor, keep working like that, happy birthday

You know me more than myself that’s why you give me tablets and that tablets always suits me, happy birthday doctor

I hope you will get lots of strong power this year and celebrate this birthday like God, happy birthday doctor

A doctor is who help their patient without hurting them and You are the perfect example of Good doctor, happy birthday

I have seen many doctors in my life but I noticed that you have some super natural power to attract someone, 😀 happy birthday doctor

I hope this year you will get lots of happiness and prosperous life, happy birthday doctor

Dear Doctor, you saved my life from lot of bad accidents I don’t know how to give you priceless thanks, I think I should give you my big hug, happy birthday doctor

Your Advice and surgery higher than money, but you still do it and saves lives people, happy birthday dear doctor

I have seen most of the doctor just take money and don’t give good medicine, but you are the one who help from heart, happy birthday doctor

With the help of your surgery, I can able to get quick recovery, BTW happy birthday doctor

Your medicine are just miracle doctor, I don’t know how medicine works but I know it’s the magic of doctors, happy birthday

I don’t know when I healed up with your good medicine, thank you doctor for everything, happy birthday

I didn’t say anyone I love you, but I will say you I love you doctor you made my life, happy birthday doctor

Very few people are in this world who can save your life from death, you are one of them happy birthday doctor

Happy birthday doctor, I hope you will get more and more patients in your hospital and you feel peace, happy birthday doctor

Actually with couple of small talks, we became good friends, can I say that doctors are my friends? happy birthday doctor

I know there is hectic schedule for you doctor, but give one minute to cut the cake as well, happy birthday

Your advice always helped me in my illness, I don’t know how can I give you my thanks to you, but I know you receive blessings on daily basis, 😉 happy birthday

You are the most comfortable doctor I have ever seen in my life, happy birthday doctor

If my son will ask me do God exist, I will tell him yeah boy, Doctors are there happy birthday doctor

I am just curious to know that do doctors believe on God? Solve this myth, BTW happy birthday doctor

I just want a medicine that will make me immortal, kidding 😀 happy birthday doctor

I think I am the first patient who is wishing you happy birthday, happy birthday doctor

This is the right time to celebrate your day doctor, cancel all the appointments of today and take break happy birthday doctor

Your wisdom and experience will help me to heal faster and better, happy birthday dear doctor

Thank you for taking care of me and my family doctor, happy birthday

It is really hard to maintain good mind all the time, You are just perfect on it, happy birthday

Your medical profession is just great, I will teach my daughter to become like you doctor, happy birthday doc

Happy Birthday Doctor Wishes

You have saved my life a lot of times and now it is time to celebrate, happy birthday doctor!

Thanks for keeping me healthy, I just want to tell you that I appreciate all the effort that you put in. happy birthday doctor.

On this special day, I wish you continuous good health, more wealth, love and happiness. Happy Birthday doc.

Wish you a very happy birthday doc. Thanks for treating me well and making my life better and healthier. Enjoy your day.

You are the best doctor because you have taught me to listen to the doctor within. Happy birthday.

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