#40+ Best Fitness Freak’s Happy Birthday Wishes for Bodybuilders Status

Many of our friends have fitness addiction and when their birthday comes they are more dedicated to their fitness sessions rather than celebrating their birthday, If you are looking for that kind of happy birthday wishes for bodybuilder or fitness freaks then you are at right place.

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Best Fitness Freak’s Happy Birthday Wishes for Bodybuilders  (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages)

You are the inspirational for everyone, keep building muscles like this, Happy birthday dear

I know you are doing hard work but trust me I am also doing hard work because you are my idol, BTW happy birthday

Keep inspiring like this and be genuine to everyone, happy birthday bodybuilder dude

Working out is really for everyone and you proved it right, happy birthday

Your sizzling body faint us, I don’t know why but your body is more sexy than your hairstyle 😀 happy birthday dude

I just want to have some tips to build good muscles in short span of time, happy birthday bodybuilder

This is your day bodybuilder please enjoy this day rather than spending time in gym 😀 Don’t be serious I am kidding, I know gym is your life, happy birthday

Making biceps is more hard than proposing a beautiful lady, happy birthday

Your tips helped me in my bodybuilding career, thank you for sharing genuine unbiased tips, happy birthday to my bodybuilder

Bodybuilder do great job, it doesn’t matter how they look but their body should be in perfect shape, happy birthday to the workout geek

Suggest me some protein brands I am new here pro 😀 happy birthday

If any bodybuilder wants to get motivation then I suggest him to get motivation from you, Happy birthday

I know your diet is great and you will not eat junk food but trust me, its your birthday today at least eat some junk food dude, happy birthday

Your chizzle body always attract chicks please help me to build body like yours, happy birthday

Hey dude, keep working hard one you will become like me, happy birthday

Currently, you are new here If you will show consistency in gym then you will surely get the result, happy birthday

When I was started my gym, after some months it was kinda boring for me, but I keep going on without any thinking now see my body. 😀 happy birthday

Give your all time to gym, fall in love with gym and you will get your dream body one day, happy birthday dear

Bodybuilders create standard for the people so stretch as much as you can, happy birthday

I will suggest you to take chocolate shake as it will increase your stamina, actually I told you my secret 😉 happy birthday

Actually, Bodybuilders don’t build body to impress girls but to express themselves, happy birthday dude

With the help of bodybuilding I got lots of confidence in my life, I didn’t know that bodybuilding will help me in this way all that happened just because of you, buddy, happy birthday

I wish I could make protein cake on your birthday but I don’t know how to make it, Happy birthday bodybuilder

Body is not for showing to girls or showing attitude toward other, actually it is our love towards bodybuilding to get more better, happy birthday

You are the most committed person I have ever met, how you do this? BTW happy birthday

Fitness freaks are the one who succeed their life without any kind of problems, happy birthday

I also want to start my workout plan, will you help me doing this? BTW happy birthday dear

You are the shining star of this gym, keep working like this and make us proud, happy birthday dear

Actually bodybuilding give us power to fight with this struggling life, I hope you will also start your bodybuilding, happy birthday

It doesn’t matter that I do bodybuilding only to impress girls, actually I love bodybuilding that’s why I am doing, You are also starting this journey so make sure why you are doing bodybuilding, happy birthday

This year you will get lots of abs and biceps, happy birthday

The harder you pull the bar the more stronger you will become in the life, happy birthday Mr bodybuilder

I have never seen a person like you who don’t eat cake, just to maintain his diet chart, salute you sir, happy birthday

Bodybuilding is the way to express your love towards workout don’t connect it with girls, happy birthday

Party Hard, Pull Hard, Push your limits, be strong happy birthday to the ironman 😀

I know it give peace of mind as well as you will become more adventurous towards life, happy birthday

Don’t feel alone buddy, I am here to guide you on your bodybuilding career, just follow what I do, happy birthday

Your figure is the best, I want to become like you bro, happy birthday

I don’t know how much you are strong? please show us your power in the gym by cutting your very heavy cake, 😀 happy birthday

You will get lots of success this year buddy and if you will show consistency then you will get some abs too, happy birthday keep bodybuilding,

Fitness Freak’s Happy Birthday Wishes

Looking perfect, feeling confident and earning respect, are just some of the advantages of having a body that is perfect. Happy birthday.

Party hard, have fun and feast on cake, but don’t forget to drink your protein shake. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to a fitness freak and a gym bunny. A workout addict and committed to exercise and a heavy lifter. An inspirational person and a passionate bodybuilder.

Train harder, lift heavier, eat better, grow bigger. Happy birthday.

Bodybuilding is a way of life, not just a habit or a hobby. I wish the best to you, as you tread along this tough journey. Happy birthday.

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