#40+ Best Happy Birthday Boyfriend BF Status

This is the great time to Wish and win a heart of your boyfriend. Well, Honestly speaking boys don’t like to celebrate their birthdays like girls do, but they have some crazy mind when it comes to celebrating happy birthday. So, I will suggest you do some crazy stuff with your boyfriends, it’s not getting romantic. But if you gals can able to entertain your boyfriend with some cool stuff they might like then it will gonna be a memorable day for both of you.

You can select other relations from here as well.

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After all, You all gals know your boyfriends better so first read their mindset and plan according to it.

Best Happy Birthday Boyfriend BF (Quotes, Status, Greetings, Messages)

I love you my bf, you are my life, I can’t live without you my boy friend, happy birthday to my life.

I just love you more than my dog, now you can imagine how much I love you my boyfriend

I have got most handsome boyfriend, thank you for being in my life, happy birthday

Honey, Why don’t we celebrate your birthday together, come over here and make this day awesome, happy birthday boyfriend

You are the special person in my life, lets change for something good because its your birthday today, happy birthday

Darling lets enjoy this day together, and make this moment memorable for the life time, happy birthday boyfriend

I still remember when you proposed me, you were hell nervous, but I knew at that time that you will propose me, 😀 happy birthday honey

I am lucky girl, that I got the most entertaining guy for my life, now I will never get bored, 😀 happy birthday

I have purchased a cake and lots of balloons for you boy friend. Happy birthday honey

I just want to give you warm hug on your birthday, happy birthday boyfriend,

I wish that you will go very far in your life and then we will go for very far for shopping 😀 happy birthday

When you were in my class, then I always staring at you, because you were too cute, happy birthday boyfriend

Take these wishes seriously honey, because I just want to make this birthday more memorable for you, happy birthday darling

You are the only one, who supported me on my ups and downs, thanks for being always by my side, happy birthday

You are the real man and I really want to grow old with you, happy birthday

This is your Day, lets enjoy and party hard this birthday, happy birthday

I have got one of the most romantic boyfriend of all time, thank you for all the kisses and hugs, happy birthday

When there is cold, then don’t forget to call me, because I am hot you know, happy birthday

I love you from bottom of my heart, celebrate this awesome moment together, honey, happy birthday

You are the most adventurous boyfriend, I really like you honey, please don’t change yourself, you are the best, happy birthday

When I hold your hand, then I can fight with anyone, happy birthday

I have got lots of candle to celebrate your birthday on my home, come over here honey, happy birthday

I have made cake on my own only for your birthday darling, lets cut this cake together and make a memorable day, happy birthday

I really appreciate how you treat your Girlfriend, because no one treat me like you, because you are the special one, happy birthday

I just need your warm hugs honey on your birthday, happy birthday

You are most adorable boyfriend, because you do cute things, which I love the most, happy birthday

Get up, its your birthday honey and you are still laying on your bed, BTW happy birthday

If my father will ask me, who is your prince then I will tell your name, happy birthday

I am feeling happy for you today, because its your birthday and I will make you more happy by my gift, happy birthday

I have got the greatest achievement of all time, by choosing you as a boyfriend, happy birthday

Lets spark your birthday with lots of candles and crackers, happy birthday to my honey

You helped me in each of the problem, thanks for helping me out every time, happy birthday

I can’t live without you, so please don’t leave me, happy birthday to my best boyfriend,

You are the reason that I am smiling and happy, but I really want that you will be happy too, happy birthday bf

This is your Day bf, but we will both enjoy this day if you not mind, happy birthday

I hope you will get lots of happiness this year and forget all past bad happenings, happy birthday to my honey

You are too much compassionate about everything, that’s what I like about you, because there are very few people who are compassionate, happy birthday bf

When you are around me, then I get world’s best feeling, which I can’t express in word. Happy birthday

You are my boyfriend and I am your girlfriend, let’s make this day more memorable, happy birthday

I know you will not leave me and I will be with you forever and we will celebrate each other’s birthday every year, happy birthday

Happy Birthday Boyfriend

Wish you a very happy birthday my life. I am nothing without you my love. Lucky to have you as my boyfriend.

Thanks for being there with me always and understanding me. I promise to be there for you always my bf. Happy birthday to you my love.

We may fight and argue but we’ll never leave no matter what. I love you my life my bf. Happy birthday..

I hope to turn this relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend into something more precious. I love you the most my bf. Happy birthday love.

Happy birthday to you my love. I cannot imagine my life without you. I wish that we both stay together forever.

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